Dawn Delgado

Therapist – Specialist – Speaker – Writer

Dawn Delgado, LMFT, CEDS-S founded Inspire Evolve Counseling in 2007 as a hub for compassionate and effective psychotherapy. Dawn is a fun, personable, and effective psychotherapist who specializes in optimal performance, recovery and mind-body wellness. Dawn’s approach integrates evidence-based, eye movement desensitization reprocessing, EMDR, as well as neuroscience based stress reduction technologies.


Compassionate, Effective Psychotherapy

This is a step towards realizing or rediscovering your best self. If you have found yourself here, you may feel as if something is holding you back in life. Beginning therapy is a courageous step. I created Inspire Evolve in 2007 to be a refuge from the outside world, a safe place for you to discover and to let go of what has been blocking your happiness, success, joy, abundance, self-love, purpose. Together, we will work with your truth and life experience to move effectively towards your goals. I have two decades of clinical experience in which I have become a Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist.


Dawn Delgado, LMFT

Travel lights up my soul, as does volunteering around the globe in beautiful lands such as Indonesia, Cambodia, and South America, Middle East, and the streets of Los Angeles.

Dawn leads national teams as the Director of Clinical Development for Center For Discovery and has launched the Path To Peace Binge Eating Disorder Program, as well as the Discovery NeuroCenters. She is a specialized clinician who leads individuals, clinicians, and multidisciplinary teams nationally to promote recovery, self-care, and positive mental health.


What Clients Say

My work with Dawn not only brought me into recovery, but made me better, more caring of myself, more communicative and mindful with others, than I was before struggling with my eating disorder. Dawn helped me with deep-rooted work, made me feel heard and helped me strip away a lot of the shame I held around my disorder. I could not be more thankful for her + our time and work together.

Working with Dawn has changed my life. She encourages me to follow my truth, embrace my strength and focus on my achievements while shinning a bright light on the pain of my past so that I may learn and grow from it. I am so grateful to have her company on the road to recovery from my eating disorder.

I have been blessed with many experiences of healing and recovery while working with Dawn. With the guidance, kindness and non-judgmental support she has given me, I am gaining the courage to face issues and situations I thought previously impossible. I am learning to trust myself.

Dawn has provided a supportive, yet challenging environment that has allowed me to see my life in a new perspective, and helped me realize the power I have to make the changes I want. Thanks to her guidance I have grown spiritually in a way that brings calm and peace into my life, things I never thought I could have


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