Inspire Evolve Counseling is dedicated to supporting individuals and families with the sometimes difficult process of healing and learning more effective ways of coping with life adversities and challenges that arise.

There is always hope.

Psychotherapy is a powerful tool for working through everything life throws at us. Fate is described as the development of things, circumstances, and events present in our lives that are beyond our control, “the cards we were dealt in life”. Destiny is the eventuality of our lives, “where we are going. what we will contribute while we are here.” We cannot reach our Destiny until we face our Fate. Establishing a therapeutic relationship sets the foundation and a safe space to delve into the depths of our psyches and release obstacles that prevent us from adaptive methods of coping with life. There is no shame in seeking the services of a Therapist, but a demonstration of commitment to self growth and personal evolution.

Dawn Delgado, Founder of Inspire Evolve, has dedicated her life to uncovering and sharing tools for overcoming trauma and creating a life of freedom and acceptance.  She has worked in eating disorder treatment for over a decade, as well as private practice and as a consultant, nationally and internationally. She is EMDR trained as well as a Therapeutic Breath work practitioner. “We often settle for the life we think we deserve. Therapy can serve as a reminder that there is so much more out there waiting to be savored and so much more within us waiting to burst forth.”

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